As much as I believe in the power of great business skills, I also believe that great photography is required to succeed in this business. To promote the power of great work, I've decided to create the first ever Photographer's Toolkit photo competition. This first one is for wedding related photography only. I don't care what it is so long as it's tangentially related to weddings (and it's interesting).

Now here's the prizes:

- 1st place receives 1 hour of coaching from me, John Mireles, a portfolio review by "Ten Best Wedding Photographer" Parker Pfister.
- 2nd place receives 1 hour of free coaching from me .
- 3rd place receives a 15 minute portfolio review with me.
- Special fan's pick will receive a 30 minute coaching session with yours truly.

If you're a regular reader of the Business Coach blog, you know who I am, but you may not know about Parker Pfister. His official credentials include the fact that he's a former Canon Explorer of Light and was named a "Top Ten Wedding Photographer" by American Photo. Where Parker excels though is in pushing boundaries for his work and through seeing the extraordinary where others see nothing special. To see more, you can check out his website and upcoming workshop. Parker is a reluctant critic and I had to twist his arm to join in on this contest, but his insights are priceless.

Other competitions may offer fancy gear, but none offer the opportunity for career changing advice and guidance. Don't miss this opportunity to grow your business and your work. Best of all, there's no cost to submit your work. Sign up now at the Toolkit Facebook page!