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I’m John Mireles and I created this website to put my 23 years of knowledge to work for photographers like you. Depending on how you look at it, I've either had the fortune or misfortune to learn from pretty much every mistake in the book. I've seen the ups and downs of business and business cycles so I have a perspective that's been forged over not just years but decades. 

My varied resume includes shooting advertising for Fortune 500 companies, working with some of the country’s top ad agencies, creating portraits for everyday families and billionaires alike, and photographing weddings from Japan to Jamaica. I like to say that there's not a lot in this business that I haven't done. 

Along the way, my work has appeared in countless magazines - from Inside Weddings to Rolling Stone. My articles on photography have appeared in Professional Photographer Magazine and Rangefinder. I’ve also had the pleasure of being invited to lecture around the country for WPPI, PPA and many local groups. 

I’m especially proud of the recognition bestowed upon my work by my peers. My award shelf includes honors from WPPI for wedding photography, Communication Arts for editorial images and, most recently, the Art of Photography show for my fine art work. As much as I believe in the importance of great business skills, I’m a devout believer in the power of great photography to open doors and minds. I don’t believe that smooth marketing gimmicks and fast talking are worthy alternatives to great photographic skills. 

I also have a great lust for adventure - be it braving the dust and heat of Burning Man, running along the John Muir Trail in the Sierra Nevada Wilderness, getting lost amidst the humid jungles of Cambodia or exploring the oil fields of North Dakota. I enjoy sharing my tales of photographic exploration and learning with my (hopefully) likeminded audience. 

If you’re looking for serious business knowledge, a commitment to great work, and a detour from the well-traveled path, then we’ll get along just fine! 

 John Mireles

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