Costs of Goods - Album Database

The Album Database consists of pre-entered albums from many of the most popular album companies serving the US market. If the albums that you use are already in the database, there is no need for you manipulate the data in the database and you can move on to the next section.

If your album is not among those listed in the database, you may scroll to the bottom of the list of albums where you’ll find a blank line ready for the entering of data. As you enter the specifications into the appropriate fields, a new blank field will be created for you to add another album. 

All of the albums included in the database are of the flush mount (aka magazine style) variety. If you wish to include matted style albums (the type where individual prints are mounted into a book), you may do so however you’ll need to total up the extra expense of the prints and mounting and add that cost into the Extra Expenses field of the database.

Likewise, all of the album options include Print, Mount and Bind services - which is where the photographer sends in the digital files directly to the bookbinder who then prints the photos, mounts them to book’s pages and then binds the book together. If you do your own printing and submit prints to the binder, you’ll need to create an album in the database and then add the cost of the prints in the Extra Expenses section to nail down your exact costs.

 In reality however, the cost difference between the prices listed for print, mount and bind aren’t that far off from what you pay anyhow doing it on your own. While I don’t want to dissuade you from taking the extra effort to exactly nail down all of your costs, if you just use the appropriate pre-entered book with the prints included, your costs won’t be off by all that much compared to the time you spend and the money you pay to handle your own printing.


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