Frequently Asked Questions

What Countries Do You Ship To?
We ship to all countries around the world. We have had many customers from Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Can I Modify the Toolkit Contracts?
Yes. Absolutely. In fact we recommend that you have your contract reviewed by an attorney familiar with your business and the laws where you do business. You must have a program that will open Microsoft Word files in order to do so.

Help! I Didn't Receive My Order!
It does happen that our system screws up or our massive ordering department (either John or his assistant) overlooks an order. Don't fear! Just fill out our Contact Form with a desperate plea for help and we'll get right on it.

Do You Accept Returns or Offer Refunds?
We accept exchanges for damaged product only. No refunds unless specifically offered in the product description.

Can I Put My Own Photos in the Lookbook?
No. The Lookbook is a posing and inspiration for professional photographers. It comes preprinted with images to be used to assist the photographer in create amazing images of their own. It is not a wedding album (unless you would like your wedding album to consist of photos of complete strangers engaged in a variety of loving poses).

Where Did John Get the T-Shirt That He Wore in the Video?
John purchased it at a boutique in Columbus Ohio while attending a PPA Convention to which he was invited to speak.

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