The Cure for the Common Pose 
All the megapixels in the world won’t make stiff clients look good together. For that, you need some visual encouragement. Enter the Lookbook. With hundreds of poses and tips its swatchbook format, you’ll quickly find inspiration for creating images that your clients will love!

When you’re in the midst of your engagement, wedding or portrait shoots, use the Lookbook's swatchbook design to quickly find a variety of poses and ideas for creating natural-looking shots with your subjects. Give your clients a peak so that they’ll know the look you’re going for. In between shots, there’s plenty of images to study. The tips will help you emulate the Lookbook looks and guide you in creating your own unique poses and compositions.

You Don’t Need the Ritz for Great Shots
Unlike other image compilations consisting of a photographer’s standout shots taken in fantastic settings, each image in the Lookbook is focused on the positioning and look of the subjects. You don’t need five-star resorts, exotic backgrounds or fantastic lighting to make these shots work.'

Double the Inspiration!
For wedding photographers, there’s the Lookbook for Bride and Grooms. With over 200 images and tips to draw from, you’ll be able to quickly find direction for working with any couple in any situation.

The 250 lifestyle images and tips in our brand new Portrait Lookbook are divided between Infants, One Child, Multiple Kids, Kids with Parent, and Families. There’s no shortage of inspiration for taking your work to the next level!

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