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Welcome to the Photographer's Toolkit Profitability Calculator Support Page!

For your first run through the with Profit Calculator, please view this video tutorial as you go answer the questions and fill in the data. Because you've opened a web page, you'll need to return to the program on your computer to get started.

If you need help with a specific section or the video did not answer your questions, please select from the following sections:

Costs of Goods - Coverage
Costs of Goods - Albums
Costs of Goods - Other Products
Costs of Goods - Album Database


Hi. I'm John Mireles and I developed this powerful but hopefully easy-to-understand software to help you understand the just how much money you are earning in your business. The process starts with some basic questions about your business and finishes with a detailed set of projections to help you determine where and how you're making money.

I've tried to keep the process as simple as possible. Start with Fundamentals section on the left and work your way to Projections on right while clicking through every section along the way. The workflow looks like this:

     Fundamentals  >>  Costs of Goods >> Combinations >> Projections

 Within the Costs of Goods section you'll find a subsection that follows the same pattern:

    Coverage >> Albums >> Other Products >> Album Database

 Just click on each section and enter data in the white fields. Grayed out fields denote auto-calculated fields that do not require your input. Data may be added or modified at any point in the process. If you're not sure of a number, give it your best guess. You can always return with more precise numbers later. 

Within the Help section you'll find detailed explanations to all of the questions and information you're requested to provide. Just click on the section name above to jump to from section to section.

Factors Not Considered

What is not included as a cost in these calculations is your actual efforts and time spent shooting. Nor is the time you spent working with clients doing pre-shoot sales meetings or post-shoot customer service. While it might be interesting to factor in these efforts and assign a cost to them, that would also create a level of complexity that is not necessary. 

Keep in mind that the numbers here are not intended to take the place of proper accounting software and real time reporting on your business. While I've made every attempt to make the numbers as reflective of reality as possible, in the end, no set of predictive assumptions will ever completely match the financial statements from ongoing bookkeeping.

To help you fully understand the data and how best to use it, I recommend reading my "How to Price Wedding Photography" book available on the Toolkit website. Not only is it a great introduction to the basics of financial accounting, it also provides many suggestions for structuring your pricing and corresponding product offerings. 

Finally, if you're struggling to understand your numbers and/or how to best grow your profits, I am available for consulting. In my experience testing this Profit Calculator with  photographers, I've yet to work with one where I wasn't able to add $1,000's of dollars to their bottom line with my advice. Visit the Photographer's Toolkit website for more information.


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