Associate + Assistant Photography Contract Kit

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Ass-Kicking Associate's Contract!
Once you read this agreement, we're confident that you'll agree that it is without question the best, most comprehensive Associate Photographer agreement in the industry. If you can find one with a depth and scope that even comes close to ours, we'll happily refund your money.

All enthusiasm aside, our Associate Photography Agreement is intended for use whenever a photographer or studio hires a non-employee to perform work such as:

- Photograph weddings
- Photograph corporate events
- School portraits photography
- Sporting event photography
- Second shoots at weddings
- Assist during shoots

There's two parts to this agreement. The first lays out the general terms of the relationship. The second part is an agreement that confirms key details of the actual assignment.

Save Yourself a Lot of Headache Later
One of the key complaints we hear from photographers is that a former second shooter/assistant is now competing against them for the same clients using their images from the photographer's weddings. Because of the way copyright law works, the second shooter has that right - unless you have a very specific agreement in place before the shoot.

Save Yourself Money & Tax Penalties Later
Just as importantly, without a proper agreement to guide your relationship with your independent contractors, you may also be liable for unpaid income taxes. The IRS has very specific and broad guidelines that tend to classify most independent contractors as employees and thus make the studio liable for back taxes if either party is audited. By adhering to the terms of our Associate Photography Contract, you may save yourself a lot of money down the road.

Our Associate Photogragrapher's Contract has clauses which cover the following:

- Copyright ownership and control over image usage
- Who is responsible for paying taxes
- Professional standards
- Costs for hiring a replacement photographer
- Liability insurance
- Non-solicitation of studio's clients
- Indemnification of studio
- And many others

Also included is a separate agreement for assistants and second shooters that you hire as employees, not freelancers. Our Assistant Photographer Agreement shares many clauses with the Associates's Contract while adding terms for at-will employment. You receive two contracts for the price of one. We told you this kit is comprehensive!