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Nothing Cheesy About It! 
Forget stiff formal portraits - The Lookbook poses are inspired by techniques and looks from the fashion and editorial worlds. Each look is intended to help you create a natural and spontaneous feel with your photography.

Don't take my word for it, read what one of our clients has to say:

Using your Lookbook has enhanced our client interactions during engagement and wedding day "mini-sessions" beyond belief. Certainly more so than I would have thought possible for a 75 dollar book. Any photographer who isn't 100% comfortable with posing needs the Lookbook. Ours never leaves our car and we'll flip through it on the way to shoots, coming home from shoots, etc, trying to think of fun and interesting ways to use what's there and expand on it as we work with our clients.

Nothing. NOTHING, is worse than getting into a rhythm during a shoot and losing the connection you have with a couple or bride or whoever by running out of ideas. With the Lookbook and memorizing certain poses, and then expanding on those ideas to create fun chains of poses, we've been able to take our portrait work far beyond where we were a year ago when we first purchased your book.

I hope our local competition doesn't purchase their own .

Rich Mattingly, Nickel City Studios

(Note: This is a completely unscripted, unsolicited testimonial sent in by a happy customer.)