Brilliant Brush Strokes - Photoshop Texture Action Set

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Say goodbye to boring and hello to seriously cool! When it comes to prepping images for albums, wall prints and gallery wraps, there's nothing like the look of the Toolkit Brilliant Brush Strokes. From the tooth of the watercolor paper background, the organic texture of each hand painted brush stroke and the organic border of the image, each texture action is ready to transform your work from awesome to just-can't-resist!

Sure, textures are a dime a dozen but there's nothing out there like these. First, each texture starts with a a one-of-a-kind series of painterly strokes on fine-art watercolor paper. Next, your image is sandwiched into a multi-layered file using blending techniques developed by John Mireles just for this action set. Best of all, the final product is completely customizable. Each of the 15 included templates is set up so that you can adjust the strength of the texture and its color to match the colors in your photos.

We rocked this senior portrait with our Broad Stroke action. What client wouldn't love this beautifully printed on their wall!?!

This set includes 15 different templates plus our Triplet template that gives you the option of choosing one image or three separate ones for a perfect infant or wedding storyboard. Here's all of them:

Don't worry though. We don't throw you to the wolves in creating each effect. Each action is point, click and it does the work for you. A video with instructions and tips for fine tuning is included with your purchase. Whether you're just learning to Photoshop or an old pro from back in the day, you'll appreciate the subtlety, ease-of-use and complex look of each action.

The Toolkit Brilliant Brush Strokes requires a working version of Photoshop. Photoshop Elements is not supported.