Commercial Photography Contract

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The Commercial Photography Kit is much more than just a single set of terms and conditions. Instead, it includes all of the following:

- Commercial Photography Assignment Agreement with Terms and Conditions 
- Stock Photography Invoice with Terms and Conditions
- Detailed List of Necessary Production Expenses in MS Excel Format
- List of Estimating Questions to Ask Client Prior to Estimating
- Change Order Form to Confirm Client Requests After Estimate Has Been Accepted

The heart of the Commercial Contract Kit is the Assignment Agreement for use with clients who’ve hired you to create new work. This isn’t some generic agreement like you’ll find in some book of legal forms; it’s an in-depth set of terms and conditions created to meet the real-world challenges of an era where clients will take all that they can get and more.

We've Got You Covered
In addition to an industry standard form that lists the photo shoot description, terms, fees and expenses, the Assignment Agreement covers: 

- Advance Payments
- Copyright
- Usage Rights
- Receipts and Audits
- Protection of Metadata and Copyright Info
- Client Approvals
- Approval of Expenses
- Postponements
- Cancellations
- Refund of Usage Fees
- Weather or Other Delays
- Payment Terms
- Misuse of Images
- Attorney’s Fees
- And many other provisions required to protect your rights and see to it that you get paid for your work.

Create Confidence
The process of successfully booking an assignment begins with collecting the right information so that you can expertly meet the needs of the client. You also don’t want to sell yourself short nor bid too high. Included in the Kit are a list of nearly 50 Estimating Questions for obtaining job specs – from budget to usage rights - during that crucial first phone conversation with the client. Asking the right questions not only helps you prepare your estimate, it signals to the client that you know what you’re doing!

Help with Details
For bigger productions involving models, locations, styling etc, the Production Breakdown in Excel Spreadsheet format will help you determine the amount of your final estimate and all the line items that go into that number. This spreadsheet will remind you of all the details and assure the client that you’ve included all the details required to successfully produce their shoot.

Wait, There's More!
For licensing of existing images (i.e. stock sales), the Kit also includes a Stock Invoice form with corresponding terms and conditions. A Change Order form is provided for those instances when the client makes a midcourse change that will significantly affect the final product or send you over budget.

Born From Experience
The contract terms were created by long time professional photographer and former Advertising Photographer of America board member John Mireles. The actual contract language was attorney written and reviewed. If you’re just starting out, you can feel confident that you’ve got the best set of commercially available terms and conditions behind you. If you’re a veteran used to using an old set of terms and conditions, you’ll especially appreciate the thoughtfulness, additional protection and real-world applicability of the Toolkit’s Commercial Photography Contract Kit.

All documents are delivered in PDF and MS Word & Excel formats. The Toolkit Commercial Contract Kit is both Mac and Windows compatible. The Terms and Conditions were created to be compliant with US law. However, because Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand share similar legal traditions, it may be applicable for use in those countries as well. Our notice is the same to all customers: Always have important legal documents reviewed by an attorney familiar with your business and the laws of the jurisdiction in which you do business. No one contract will work equally for everyone everywhere.