How to Book Wedding Clients

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Tired of wondering why clients inquire with you but don't book? Frustrated with clients booking your competition after meeting with you? Thinking that maybe you need to lower your prices to entice potential clients to book? In this long-on-information, short-on-fluff DVD, expert photographer John Mireles will walk you the process of booking more of your inquiries without lowering prices and selling out.

You'll follow him from the initial inquiry, to setting up a meeting with the client, to conducting the meeting to the final commitment from the client. He'll talk you through the process from start to finish and provide a career's worth of insight along the way.

Instead of relying on pushy sales tactics, John shows you how to use your love for photography to leave the client smiling and earn the sale. Whether you've got years of experience or you're just starting out, you're sure to find a trove of helpful information to make the sales process easier and more profitable.

What experienced photographers are saying:
~ I've got it - I love it. I watch it over and over and learn something every time. Your DVD changed my game. Carey Huscroft, San Francisco

~ Hi John, I recently bought your "How To Book Weddings" DVD and I think it's great!! So much useful information! Kelly Bik, Winnipeg

~ Your "How to Book Weddings" dvd is awesome. Thanks! James Boddington, Melbourne

~ I found so many useful tips that I can easily incorporate into my presentation. Highly recommended! Joel Llacar, Thousand Oaks

~ I was riveted to the couch for nearly 2 hours - lotsa a rewinding and pausing, then rewinding again. No non-sense. No fluff and No excuses - Just great info. For the rest of the Wisconsin really sucks. LOL! Craig Stodola, Milwaukee

~ After filling 6 pages of notes, there are a lot of areas where my own presentation can be tightened. John gives you no fluff information that you can use right now to get things rolling. Humza Yazin, Dallas

 When watching, be sure to be ready to take notes. This isn't the sort of video that you watch just once and then give away; you'll want to watch it several times for all the information to sink in. This is one of the cheapest, most cost-effective investments you can make towards the success of your business!