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Before you head out to a wedding, pop this video in for a creative boost! If you’re looking for a guide to stepping up your wedding photography game, sit with Joe Photo as he enthusiastically shares his vast plethora of wedding day tips and insight.

Show and Tell II will impress you with how Joe thoughtfully guides the viewer through each part of photographing four lavish weddings. You get to hear his thoughts, watch the process and see the final photographic results.

Info You Can Use
Through each part of the wedding day, from getting ready to the reception, Joe explains everything that goes into the shoot, from developing rapport with the subjects, to posing, setting up formals, working with videographers, his thoughts on jpeg verses raw to his philosophy on what clothes to wear on the wedding day. You’ll not be left wanting when the video is over.

The Importance of Details
One of the keys to successfully working with the high-end market is being sure to capture all the many floral and decorative details. Most videos forget this part of the wedding day, but Joe rightly provides plenty of instruction for nailing those shots.

This video doesn’t rely on unrepeatable flashes of creativity to make it’s point. It lays out the process for wedding day success and then lets the viewer look over Joe’s shoulder from beginning to end. You'll especially appreciate seeing not just the great shots, but also learning from the inevitable misses and mistakes that are made along the day.

Joe Knows his Stuff
The video runs for about two hours. There’s two viewing options: one with Joe’s voice over and one without. You’ll want to stick with Joe talking since that’s where the knowledge is. Also included is a Before and After Photoshop Slideshow that showcases many of the images in the video as well as some of his best work. There’s also a fun Engagement Session Music Video that involves a private plane and a helicopter ride. (When it comes to the best clients, Joe definitely wins.)

Suggested Retail...$295 but save some serious bucks when you buy it here.