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Beautiful Images, Faster Than Ever - Lightroom 4 Compatible!
Finally, Lightroom presets designed for the challenging lighting conditions that you often face as a professional photographer. When you're on an assignment, you don't get to choose where the bride gets ready or what time of day the session will take place. To make your life easier, the Toolkit Preset Kit includes specific presets for common lighting challenges:

Overcast Pop - for improving color and exposure of photos taken in overcast lighting conditions
Getting Ready B&W - a black and white conversion designed for the flat interior lighting like you'll typically find in a hotel room where the bride and groom are getting ready
Full Sun Pop - opens up shadows and adds snap to an image taken in midday sun without blowing out highlights.
Backlit B&W - Special black and white conversion for opening up skin tones while keeping background data when the sun is behind the subject.
Landscape B&W - Pop the sky, punch up the contrast and bring out the detail of your home-on-the-range landscapes.

50 Killer Presets
The Toolkit Preset Kit also offers unique effects to bring out the mood and emotion in your shots. Each preset has been created using a combination of slides, curves and adjustments. Quick, one-slider adjustments that you can easily do on your own are left out. Less is more when you add in the time to hunt around for the preset that you want.

Instead, the Toolkit Presets make use of the true engine of Lightroom to create difficult to achieve effects. Tone Curve, Hue, Saturation, Luminance, Split Tone, Color Temperature and other advanced controls all combine to make some mouth-watering photographic recipes! From the dreamy romance of Lost to the pump of Hyper Realityto the high-definition of More Cowbell B&W, you'll have plenty of options for popping your images off the screen and onto the client's lap.

Available now for immediate download! Mac and Windows compatible. Adobe Lightroom is required to operate these presets. A fully functioning trial version of Lightroom may be downloaded here.