Portrait Contract

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 A Little Protection Goes a Long Way 
Even though portrait sessions tend to be less committing than wedding assignments, there's still a lot than can go wrong. With many portrait orders totaling over $500 or more, there's also the potential for a lot of money on the line.

Besides, good business practices can help the bottom line. Included with the Portrait Photographer's Contract Kit is a sample of our Pre-Shoot Client Letter which includes:

- Suggestions for ordering prints and albums
- Recommendations for type of clothes and colors to wear (and what to avoid)
- What to expect during the session
- Length of shoot
- What to expect from post-shoot ordering session
- Notice regarding online viewing
- Timeline for delivery of final images

The breezy-but-professional letter and contract together can help set the stage for a successful shoot and subsequent client order.

Simple but Focused
The last thing you want to do is overwhelm your portrait client with a long list of terms of conditions. Our portrait contract is one concise front and back page. The front has basics like the client and studio info along with assignment details while the back has the terms and conditions.

Even though there's fewer terms than our Wedding Contract, that doesn't make those terms any less important. In fact, the fewer the terms, the more important the remaining ones become. The following terms are included:

- Payment Terms
- Refund Policy
- Postponements
- Cancellations
- Model Release
- Storage of Images
- Image Presentation
- Copyright Ownership
- Digital Media
- And more...

The Portrait Contract Kit is both Windows and Mac compatible. The Kit comes ready to print as a PDF as well as an MS Word Document set up as a form for easily inputting client information. Best of all, you can easily add your logo and make whatever changes your business may require.